Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SO as I said I was in San Diego for Comic Con 08. I was only there for the Friday activities, but what a great time! I didn't get a chance to really sit in for any of the lectures or Q&A sessions, but I had just as much fun walking around and meeting new people. It is really incredible how many extremely talented illustrators, designers, painters etc etc there are in this world. I'll eventually put up some of the pics from the convention, but until then I thought I'd post some shots from the 2nd leg of the vacation.

THE following images were taken from various locations on and around Alcatraz. Alcatraz has a very weird estetic about it that I've long wanted to see. Maybe its the desperation or the madness of some of the more notorious criminals that had done time there. Whatever it is, Alcatraz is something you really have to check out to get a great feel for it. Putting yourself in the shoes of a criminal only 1.5 miles from one of the most beautiful areas to live, but knowing you might never see it as a free man would drive any person crazy.

OF course going to see the Golden Gate Bridge was second on the list of things one must do in San Fran. While we went on a cold and windy day, it was still a beautiful site. The incredible dedication it would take to design/engineer something of this size and mass is truly incredible. I'm a bit afraid of heights, so I didn't get to close to the rail of the bridge. Needless to say, the wind was so strong that at times of taking photos I would be pushed or brushed a few inches causing blurry shots. The fog rolled in perfectly, adding to the mystic of the Bridge.

IN the next couple of weeks, I'll be updating this with and more photos and even some new artwork! promise. Shout out to my friend Casey Hunt! Good to see you at the Con buddy, hope it happens again soon. xo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


WHEN I was still cranking out freelance at a rapid rate, I produced this poster for my former client FLEISHMAN HILLARD. Their client (AT&T) had asked FH to come up with a concept for downtown Dallas's biggest New Year's parade at is somewhat a tradition. Having no idea about Houston (I've never visited), I had to do some research to what makes downtown Dallas different then say...downtown Austin. A few buildings stand out in the Dallas skyline, from the Reunion tower to the Comerica building.

THE next big step was to come up with a design that allowed for some creative flow while maintaining AT&T's branding. The logo at the head of the layout was created by another agency, which I had no interaction with. All elements in the layout outside of the logo was created by hand in illustrator. My liberties with the Reunion tower raised a few eyebrows with the city of Dallas, but in the end they decided to party and not be party poopers. Good job Dallas!

I'M off to COMIC CON 08, expect some pics when I get back!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


IT's always great when a few friends of yours decide to dust off the equipment and start making music again. In the summer of 03' I started working with a band that I felt (and I still do) has some of the most creative song writting and musicians in the St. Louis area. Sine Nomine crossed over so many different elements of music and never defined themselves as a "metal", "hardcore", etc etc act. They just created music and let people decide what they wanted to label them. Near the end of 06' the band decided to split ways, and I feel like a giant void was created that never was filled...

UNTIL now! The dudes in SINE NOMINE have once again decided it was the right time to regroup as a 3 piece and start to make some new tunes. On July 25, 2008 if your in St. Louis you can catch their reunion show at club FUBAR (which is a nice new venue opened by For the Last Time Bob of Woe). To mark this special occasion I was asked to make a new tee shirt, which I was very excited to do. Mike's original concept was to try to use a mask or something along those lines.

A few ideas that had been rattling around in my brain was incorporating my fear/hatred for squids and the pure epic quality of Poseidon. After a few sketches the concept of a tentacle engulfing Poseidon's face with only his watchful eye showing that no matter how bleak a situation seems, you can never count out the god of the sea. I felt that there was no chance this reunion would happen, but can not explain how truely excited I am that it's happening. I just wish it was happeneing while I was in town...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


NORMALLY I'm not much of a photographer, but recently I've really started to enjoy. I suppose it has some to do with my friend Fran and her love affair with it, and partly to me trying to keep my mind busy. Below are a few photos I took along the Mississippi river and the graffiti wall of downtown St. Louis. Expect more in July when I travel to San Diego and San Francisco. I'll also have more artwork up by early next week.

Friday, May 30, 2008


QUESTION: Do you like to party? If your answer is "Uh, yeah!", then please keep reading. If you feel like you don't get into a party like you used to, welcome to my world. In what seems like an other lifetime, I played guitar in a band called "Step on it!". In that band the drummer, Dan Hill, would talk of doing a band where he would sing. Fast forward one year after saying that, and Dan gave us Cross Examination.

SOME would say Cross Examination is the ULTIMATE party band, a band that features a cross over metal and hardcore sound. As much as this band parties, they also produce a sound that is all their own and very well written. On their debut album, my friend Dan Z and I were asked to contribute a collaborated effort.

DAN went to work on a illustration for the cover entitled "THE HUNG JURY" which you can see below. Dan is an insanely talented artist and it's always a pleasure and honor to work with him. This is the first of two projects we worked on together, the other being the Humanoid artwork.

FOR the inside of the booklet (and vinyl version) I wanted to set a scene of a court room with a party atmosphere. A thought that was hilarious and yet a lot of imagining hours. When prepping the art, I fist had to gather the elements. Dan supplied a six pack of ROCK N' ROLL beer. I set up a mock photo shoot in my kitchen, crushing the empty cans and setting them up in various positions.

ONCE that was finished, I shot multiple images of plastic bags that I used to create the evidence bags and for the "herb" that was actually kitten litter. I then pieced together a document and water mark for "official party documents". The piece it self took about 25 hours of photoshop work and 3 hours of photo shoot time. In the end this is one of my favorite projects and pieces that I've worked on.

above is the 7" version of the insert

Thursday, May 29, 2008


MY good friend & co-worker Jimothy Conway turned 49 today, and in honor of his birthday I created a envelope in his honor. Why an envelope? Every year for your birthday, the golden condor makes an envelope showing off something of interest in that's persons life. This year, condor made me an excellent "dark knight" theme that really knocked my socks off.

FOR conway's birthday I sketched up a Sasquatch character in full basketball gear. Mr. Conway seems to believe in his glory days he had a vertical of just over 2". I've seen the photo a million times, a young, leaner & meaner version soaring over another player to rip down a rebound. So in honor of his basketball roots, I felt it was appropriate. Below you will find various rounds of sketches and conception for the envelope.

Happy birthday my friend. 49 years young and still having fun.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


WOW, long time no update. Things have been rather hectic with non-art related projects so I apologize to my two readers for my MIA. That being said, not being able to work on projects that you truly want to work on really drains your creative mind. So when you get a chance to work on something, it really feels refreshing.

THE current project that I've been spending a healthy amount of time on is a collaboration with my neighbor MATT GRANT on some CD packaging artwork for COLD BEAR SCOUT's debut album "Say Hello to the Moon and the Sun". COLD BEAR SCOUT features Steve Colbert, who is a radical person outside of his horrible love for Kobe Bryant, on a majority of instruments. Please check it out, as it's worth your time.

ABOVE you'll see Matt's conception drawings for the front cover. I believe Matt sketched with pencil and outlined with sharpie. The thickness of the lines, contrasted with the multiple "thorns" shows just how much time went into each panel. Once more work is done to the album, I'll update the post. But for now, you can see the original drawing the conception for the full color front cover.

THE idea around the color pallet features a blue soft edge to cause softness to what I've dubbed "cloud puffs". The inner "antlers" features a brown-ish glow to add depth to the edges of the piece. The "thorns" feature a collection of colors found in a bag of Skittles. The entire piece lays on a off-white background to break up the solid white areas.

ALSO below feature two of my fav. people in the entire world. Enjoy!